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Plan your fantastic birthday celebration, exciting day camp adventure, special Shabbaton gathering, fun family reunion, awesome school event, creative workshop, joyful Melave Malka, and so much more!

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  • Get Ready to Plaster, Paint, and Party!

    2 hr

    From 15 US dollars
  • Bringing the Plaster Painting Party to Your Doorstep each additional g...

    2 hr

    From 18 US dollars
  • Brushes, Love, and Art: A Plaster Painting Date Night!

    2 hr

    100 US dollars

Add ons

Cotton candy                                        $1.75/each

Ice Cream                                             $2.50/each

Snow Cones                                          $2.50/each

Helium Balloons                                    $3.50/each

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